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Precious, Rare, Alternative.

Hey Hey! I'm Amy Peake the designer, jeweller, and businesswoman behind Halestone and, yep I've got an obsession for designing and handcrafting, outstanding jewellery and an even bigger addiction to buying natural, sparkly and flashy gemstones.

When buying from me, you will receive one of a kind or limited edition piece which is made from only ethically mined gemstones, tarnish-resistant sterling silver, and solid gold which is made with meticulous care and passion in Melbourne, Australia.

I have created a diverse range of unisex jewels that are the perfect gift and promise to yourself or a loved one.

Collections are made with sterling silver, and solid gold accompanied with rare, semi - precious and precious gemstones to suit multiple price points.

Whether you're buying the perfect everyday ring, investing in wearable gold, or committing and proposing to your loved one (including yourself) I assure you, care is taken. With this, I also promise, easy and "no pressure" communication - because who am I to tell you what to do!!

I’ve been privileged to have connected with people through my previous work experience in valuing and buying pre-loved: 'fine and designer jewellery', and it's helped me understand value of materials, alongside appreciating the spirit and emotion that can be associated with a precious heirloom.

What makes my work the most fulfilling is that a personal story can be truly inspiring.. no matter how heavy the emotion is, your story and energy fuels my passion to create flaunt-worthy, long-lasting, one-of-a-kind pieces.

I enjoy every part of the making process and I've dedicated my full time to building Halestone as a transparent, ethical, and wholesome brand that uses only the finest, rarest and “realest” materials.

When working together to design a custom piece, you can get as little or much help as you want from me. Just let me know how you want to work together- you may have something particular in mind or want me to have creative freedom. With this freedom to create your design, feel free to tell me what you really think along the way - I can always make changes as you visualise the piece. Alternatively, you may just want to trust ‘the universe’ and in that case, leave it with me and I’ll let you know when it’s on its way.

This is only the start of my journey as a jeweller and I will never stop learning. I enjoy upskilling across different areas of the industry through short courses and like connecting with multiple jewellers/ mentors in the industry for training.

When buying, Some of my pieces are ready to ship right away, and some are made to order in your size, so if you see “made to order” let me know if you want any tweaks made to the design.

In summary, what I create for you is sparkly, precious jewellery, free from the luxury mark-ups.

I hope you enjoy shopping, just message me 0431829644 or email if you have questions.

<3 Amy