Pearl Earrings


Hey there, I’m Amy Peake. The Creator of Halestone.

For long as I’ve lived, I have been creating, taking risks and having fun. 

It's taken me a while to get here and over the years, I've struggled with low self esteem so I’ve had a strong focus on evolving myself and my image. This fast paced, constant self-improvement provided the need to refine and express my creative ideas as they arrive, before they are forgotten - because I see, beauty in all forms.

I worked valuing and buying pre-loved fine jewellery and designer items. Examining a variety of pieces from designer brands, such as Tiffany and Co., Cartier and Gucci as well as unmarked makers of handmade cocktail rings and engagement rings. This has given me a strong attention to detail in the design process, as I observed how the different materials would perform over time. 

Helping people sell their prized jewellery was such a defining experience, one that gave me an understanding of how sentimental jewellery can be, and how valuable fine jewellery is, when you really need to sell it. 


From there, my appreciation of the art lead me to hand making rings and building my own collection.  While working on my craft, I have had the privilege of learning from talented makers, teachers and mentors along the way. My workbench is a place for obsessive and perfectionist habits to flourish, and it would be with great care that I make something unique and precious for you.

Launching Halestone I am so excited to be able to provide knowledge, professional, friendly service and quality jewellery to people who find love and security in their accessories. 

Thank you for listening <3